The Bakers Experience

The Bakers Experience

It's 4 am, and while the world is asleep, our hard work is done. Many questions and thoughts circle our minds as 80 baguettes go into the oven. Was the dough at its peak? Were they slashed correctly? As the hot air and caramelised aroma from the oven steams over our faces 15 minutes later, our questions are answered. We are content. The baguettes have generously sprung from the heat and doubled in size causing the carefully placed slashes in the bread to burst open. Pure delight.
Soon the racks are full with crackling loaves. The bread is now singing. We often stand and marvel at all the types and shapes of breads stacked and ready for selling and realise that they are more than a food source, they are a metaphor for abundance, good health and an honest day's work. 


Ciabatta (literally meaning slipper bread) is a versatile Italian white loaf with a firm texture and a sweet and tangy taste.

One of the most common uses for ciabatta dough is in the making of the well-known panini bread, as well as for croutons - to add texture and flavour to your salads and soups.

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Sourdough originated in Ancient Egyptian times around 1500 BC and is well known for its hard crust and characteristic tangy taste, making it an excellent accompaniment for dips (like a great olive tapenade). Another traditional idea is to add it to stuffing, enhancing those delicious flavours. Or simply try it toasted with butter or a full flavoured soft cheese.

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Rye bread is made out of various percentages of rye flour. It is a dark and hearty bread, soft and moist on the inside, with a strong and aromatic crust on the outside. Rye has notable health benefits when compared with white bread as it contains only a little fat and is high in fibre. It makes a great sandwich with smoked salmon or various cold meats. (Our rye is a 70% rye).

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Our exclusive Rustic loaf is baked using a combination of stone ground white, whole wheat and rye flour. With a wonderfully crisp and chewy crust on the outside, it is tender and even slightly moist on the inside. It is a traditional European country-style bread.

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Brioche is a highly enriched bread of French origin, with egg and butter content to give it a rich and tender crumb. It has a fine texture and is light and slightly puffy with a dark and golden, flaky crust. Brioche is often cooked with fruit or chocolate chips and served as a pastry or as the basis of a fine dessert. It also pairs well with savouries, like a good pâté.

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Pain de Coco

Pain de Coco is the perfect mixture for a bread with a full-on flavour, with just enough moisture and crumbliness, and suited to both a sweet and savoury palate.

Everybody LOVES it, so it WILL disappear in no time!

It's delicious with creamy butter or Nutella, or… with some butter and honey just like Grandma made it.

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